Monday, July 16, 2007

Wow, it's definitely been a while since I last blogged. I've decided to turn around and start blogging again, hopefully more frequently.

A lot has been going on lately. I have a lot of projects in the "pipe", thus rendering the Logic Analyzer project temporarily on hold.

I finally caved to the presure and am starting to work with Surface Mount components. I got around to buying a hot air rework station and have been busy learning how to solder and desolder SMD components.

At the moment, I'm busy fixing equipment from friends and family. I have a laptop from the daughter of my wife's friend and a iPod Nano from my nephew.

The laptop (a Sony VAIO) seems to have a dud screen. The screen will get all distorted and fuzzy until it's pressed against the middle left edge. I'm thinking it might be a loose wire (I can only hope it's that easy).

The iPod, on the other hand is a whole different "kettle of fish". The hold button is permanently stuck on hold. It seems that my nephew trusted the iPod in the hands of his buddy to fix (when the switch was being temperamental) only to have it returned with the switch completely broken.

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